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Gold mining property in the Heart of gold country, in Grant County Oregon For Sale.   In 1862 $390 million dollars was taken out of this area (in 1862 dollars).  Half the property is in tailing piles and the other half is virgin ground.  The largest nugget ever found in Oregon was found in a tailing pile in Sumpter and is on display at the US Bank in Baker City.  23 Acres total, 5 acres with water rights for mining or irrigation.  Power, Water, (well and irrigation), heat, sewer (septic), high speed internet, Heat and Air Conditioning in the shop.  Remote controlled gate 1/4 mile from the house.  Very private. 

$255,000 includes infrastructure.     

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"The largest nugget ever found in Oregon was found in a tailing pile in Sumpter ..."

Tailing pile? Sumpter?

The Armstrong Nugget is an impressive gold nugget, and the largest gold nugget from Oregon still in existence today. It was found by George Armstrong and Dick Stewart on June 19, 1913. They were placer mining in Buck Gulch, near what is now a ghost town named Susanville, in Grant county. While washing out gravels in a part of their claim, Stewart spotted an odd looking object in the creek and reached down to pick it up. He was shocked to discover that it was a huge gold nugget, as large as a mans fist.


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