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Help what kind of rock

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31 minutes ago, Kluttgeharm said:

Can limestone have Crystal's on it? We have prices that have lime small bombs that are sparkly

Limestone can exhibit crystals depending on how it formed (e.g. travertine). The others you have that don’t fizz with the vinegar may be heavily abraded agates. 

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Eliminate limestone , first,no fizz, then it's more than likely an agate of some form.

Can it be abraded with a steel file?

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48 minutes ago, Kluttgeharm said:

Is there a way to confirm it is an agate.

Hardness will be between 7 and 7.5. Streak will be white. Specific gravity will be between 2.6 and 2.65. 

looking at your picture again, I think it looks more like a quartzite rather than agate.

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THose glaciers can carry rocks a long ways.  Does look like some pictures of quartzite.  When I think of quartzite, if the rock is split, if there’s impurities in it like other stones, it’ll split through those stones instead of around the stones.  Something about the metamorphic crystalline structure being baked so long under extreme pressure changes the crystalline structure.

I also thought a distinctive feature of agates was the banding, which I don’t see, but maybe it needs to be split to see those.

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