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Small batch placer gold refining/refiner?


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Hey All, Iv been looking for someone that can do a small batch (2oz) of my placer gold.    Ideally Id like to find a reputable refiner/manufacturer that can produce 18,22,24 k ingot, sheet, bezel, etc.. for jewelry production.    Iv spent hrs on the internet looking up refiners but i have yet to find one willing to do a small separate batch And can fabricate jewelry stock in house.     I know i can send it out for refining and trade it in at say hoover and strong, or rio grande, or others but the whole point is I am stubbornly wanting to use the gold that I have found.       Iv tried numerous methods of smelting in my workshop but the gold i want to use must have too many impurities as it  turns out brittle and unworkable..    Has anyone else gone down this road before?      If anyone has a lead on a solution to this problem, please let me know,  cheers!!

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You might try contacting ..  Steve. (cant remember the last name...think it was Whant?) He goes by El dorado Steve if I remember. He has not been on in a long time, but, he refines and makes jewerly. If you can contact him he may be able to tell you how to refine it.

Hopefully someone else can chime in and get you his contact info.

Tom H.


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