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I did find it but I know where it is

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This is actually not a meteor but a photo of a asteroid called Phobos. Also formally known as the largest moon of mars. The NASA folks no longer think it is a moon but a captured asteroid. It is about 25 kilometers in diameter. Just a tad smaller than the rock that killed the dinosaurs. It makes three orbits around Mars every Martian day. It has a retrograde orbit that is going to turn this rock into a meteor in about 50 million years when it will crash into mars. That would be train wreck worth watching don’t you think?

So no I didn’t discover it. I do know where it is located. Too bad I won’t be around when it becomes a meteor. Maybe Elon Musk could put some rockets on the thing and get it to fall to mars faster. lol. 

Anyway I think this could qualify for the title of ultimate meteorite. 

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Welcome to the meteorite forum. 

A few corrections on Phobos. First, that is a good picture to post. However Phobos does not travel retrograde in its orbit. It actually outraces the 24 hour and 37 minute rotation of Mars and rises in the west and setting in the east encircling the planet three times per day. It travels the same direction at Deimos against the starry background, which rises in the east and sets in the west. Second, both Phobos and Deimos are still moons of Mars. It has been recognized for over half a century that these moons were captured asteroids, but they are still moons. Third, the estimated size of the dinosaur killer asteroid was just 6 miles (10 km) in diameter about 16 times less massive by volume that Phobos.



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