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Beat the heat retreat 2018


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It was just about this time 2 years ago up in Dewey Az.  Got a nice storm and the washes were flowing. Poor Scott almost floated away in his tent. We were a little south of the Iron king mine. 

VERY humid the next day. No gold :(   6th pic down is a video of the rain.

Tom H. 








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I remember that trip well.  Patrick fell backwards in his chair an almost rolled down the hill.  We were camped on a slant as there was no flat ground around.  Good thing too as the water from the deluge just ran off and left us without mud in camp.  Tammy doctored up Patrick's wounds from falling and did a very good job.  That was a fun campout for the middle of the summer.  

   Old Tom  

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On 9/10/2020 at 2:47 PM, Knifemaker84 said:

I remember laying in my tent that night thinking.... I hope I dont get struck by lightning.....

Cool pics, Ask Frank C about the WSPA outing a few years ago and him and his  wife camping in an old drywashing pit , tarp no tent COLD AS you know what!!!!!!

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