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My grandfather got this rock 70+yrs ago

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Now this one is a head scratcher.  Based on the color(s), texture and some long lost rectangular minerals, I'm going with the mineral Chlorite, maybe with some Biotite.  Maybe a Chlorite, Biotite Schist (metamorphic rock).  From the bobbles on the "side" looks like it was heated to a high temperature.  Not sure if that is natural or from a furnace. 

Take a metal nail and scratch a small line on the sample.  Dose the material flake off in sheets? does it deform like plastic? does it just turn to powder? or  does it not scratch?  If you could report your findings that would be a big help.  Also, as Morlock asked, take the sample and rub a corner against the inside of a white toilet tank lid and see what color(s) the sample makes.  Let us know what color it makes.

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