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Comet Neowise bright naked eye before sunrise

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I saw Comet Neowise (C/2020 F3) rise above the mountains NE of Phoenix this morning from near the Bush Fire burn area at 4:18 a.m. an hour an 15 minutes before sunrise. I was at the Beeline highway and the Bush highway intersection on a remote, dark cul de sac. Comet Neowise was 0 magnitude and easy to see naked eye with a one degree tail. I found it by right angle triangulating from Venus and Capella with the comet rising at the right angle point. Through my 60x20 binocs it had a very distinct, bright nucleus with a sharp edged tail brighter on the left side than the right side. The tail had lots of detail. This is the brightest comet since Hale-Bopp and Hyakutake of the last century.  I usually see 4 comets just with my binocs annually. This is by far the best.  It will be an evening sky comet in a few weeks at probably 0 magnitude or brighter with a clear tail. You should try seeing it before it leaves the morning skies. Check out tomorrow morning. Also go to www.spaceweather.com for more info.


Keep looking up,


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I don't have any hopes of watching it. Too much light pollution here in the city and I'd have to travel miles to get away from it.

I'll never forget the Hale-Bopp comet from years ago.. That was a memorable few months.

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Saw Comet Neowise last night, July 18, at Bush Highway Beeline Highway cul de sac remote desert turn out with 100 others NW of Phoenix. It was very bright and easy to see below the Big Dipper. In my 60x20 binocs you could see a 20* dusty tail curving upwards to the right and very slightly the straighter second gas tail. There were many striations in the dusty tail. The nucleus was quite large, probably 100,000 miles across, with some detail that would be better picked up with a camera. I could see very slight cometary movement over 45 minutes upward compared to the nearby stars. My wife joined me for the observation. Seeing was about 6+ magnitude. The moons of Jupiter, Saturn's rings, M2, and other deep sky objects were also visible in my binocs.

The comet sets quite late. Go out and take a look!


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