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Torn Achilles Tendon / Tendonosis Has Me Sidelined

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I am pretty bummed, as I am Sidelined with achilles tendonosis, and am on workman's comp. I can't work and I can't go detecting til some time in August, if physical therapy heals it up in 6-8 weeks. If it doesn't, then I have to get it operated on to have skar tissue cut off and tendon reenforced. If that happens I will be out another 6-12 weeks with more physical therapy. I hope physical therapy does the trick this first go-around. This last trip out detecting had me in such pain that I had to use my pick as a cane, and could only take foot long strides.

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I had tendonosynovitis in the tendons of my left wrist. A tiny cactus thorn in the joint of my little finger caused it. Man what pain. Excruciating. I did physical therapy and equine sized ibuprofen for a couple months. And had to sleep in a brace for over a year.

The swelling was so bad it looked like a snake bit my hand. My bony fingers looked like fat little sausages. 

I could not touch my thumb and index finger together for several days. I remember the day I managed to pick up a sheet of paper. That is when I could start crumpling a plastic grocery bag for therapy. They had me grab a corner and try to wad it up using only finger movements. I bet it took three days before I could wad up a stupid plastic bag.

I couldn't imagine having a big tendon in my leg like that. You just can't get away from that kind of pain. Once you damage a tendon your body goes crazy on it. The swelling and antibodies often cause more damage than the initial insult to the tendon.

I hope you get better quick. And I hope you don't have to have someone whittle the bark off your tendon. That would suck double. 

I drink cranberry juice for pain and swelling. Lots of it. A half gallon or more a day. I swear it reduces joint and tendon pain. And i knows it helps swelling. I think it makes you pee out all the stuff rather than it settling in your joints and around connective tissue.

An old curandera told me that many moons ago and I swear it works. It darn sure won't hurt. Buy five gallons and drink it for ten days. It sure has worked for me. 

I hope you get better quick. Let us know how you are doing. 



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2 hours ago, Goldseeker4000 said:

Yah me too. I'm tired of being in pain every time I take a step. Even sleeping it can hurt and keep you from a good night's sleep.

You might consider a walking cast, which should help take the pressure off your ankle. Those type of injuries can take a long time to heal, and are prone to re-injury. I had a torn tendon and ligaments in my left ankle which took two years before it stabilized and still bothers me decades later. 

Hope the therapy does it for you.

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I have a used boot that the first Doctor gave me, but my foot and ankle move around too much. It's not the kind that completely locks your foot in a single position. Once the workers comp kicks in I will talk with Doc about a better type of boot. He did say my Danners will work too, but I disagree with that.

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