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Petrified Wood?

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 The two on the bottom I'm quite sure are petrified wood.  Not sure about the large one on top.  Any ideas?



Is that quartz or resin on the left side of this one?







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I can understand why you might think the specimen in the last photo is petrified wood. But I don't believe any of the pieces shown in the photos are. Hard to tell for sure.

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These rocks, especially phot #2 looks like gneiss.  This is just a fancy name to a metamorphic rock that has been pressurized, heated, and now looks like taffy.  Gneiss is just a subtype of one of the three types of rock.  Its pretty commons.

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Based on the close up photos:

Sample 1 is a Gneiss;

Samples 2, 3 & 4 are Sedimentary rocks.  # 2 & 3 are an iron rich mudstones and # 4 is a silty shale.

Nice samples to add to your rock collection.  Thanks for sharing with us.

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