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The Gold SPOT™ Scoop in Action


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Bill on his You Tube channel, Nugget Shooter Journals has demonstrated how the new "G Spot™" Scoop works.

Not sure why he hasn't posted the link yet.  Hope he wasn't keeping it secret.

Here it is:  The section on the "G Spot™" starts at 6:10.

Bill has already sold out of the first load I sent to him and I sent another box full of scoops off to him today.



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Watched the video and honestly see no advantage in the scoop. If anything it seems slower than just separating the dirt with your hand. Tell me why I'm wrong. - T





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Hey Terry,

Especially with smaller gold, having the recessed channel and riffles helps the gold settle out and stay in the scoop.  The longer you keep the gold in the scoop the faster you will recover the nugget.  Unfortunately these small pieces we find with the Gold Monster like to surf right out of the scoop into your hand as you are splitting the dirt.

Now what's the problem with that?  Well the scoop has no holes, and it has sides unlike the spaces between your fingers, and your hand has no sides.  Even a cupped hand can not duplicate the containing ability of a scoop, even more so when the scoop gas a recessed bottom and riffles.  In addition to which if you agitate the Gold Spot scoop well and cause the gold to settle, you can be relatively confident in clearing off all of the material above the trough with your hand, because the gold is in the trough.

Keeping the gold in the scoop is essential to speeding up recovery time.  So I like to keep the gold in the scoop because once it's in your hand, the chances increase greatly that you are going to lose that nugget as it slips between your fingers, or slides off the sides of your hand.  Then you have to once again pinpoint it with your metal detector.  You've never spent 10 minutes trying to isolate a dinky nugget that you keep losing?  If not, you don't need the Gold Spot scoop.

Let me ask you, when you get down to that small amount of material that you know has the gold in it, because it is still setting off your detector, do you keep it in your hand to look for it, or do you put it back in the scoop to look for it?  It goes back in the scoop!  WHY?  Because the scoop is the safest place to not lose a dinky piece of gold, NOT YOUR HAND.  I do everything possible in isolating gold to keep it in the scoop.  It's the safest place not to lose it and have to start the process of looking for it all over again.

Now if you are one of those detectorists who are super skilled and never have lost a little nugget when splitting dirt between your scoop and your hand well then you are much more skilled than I am. 

I guess the fact that you can not see why having a scoop with a recessed trough with riffles would be more efficient at retaining a nugget over a smooth scoop means you probably use a mixing bowl to pan for gold because using a gold pan designed to capture gold has no advantage over a a smooth bottom mixing bowl?  :rolleyes:

Terry that scoop was prototyped designed and re-designed until the design proved to have a significant advantage over the standard scoop.  It took 7 months.  It's not something I just imagined during a wet dream.  In one test we took 30 pieces of 20 mesh size gold.  We mixed those 30 pieces with dirt and black sand.  For those of you with no point of reference, 20 mesh is the size gold that would go through a window screen.  So it is basically the size of the head of a pin.  Now granted we used water, but The Gold Spot was able to recover 27 of those 30 specks of gold.

Try that with a standard scoop.

Terry, I just watched Bill's video again.  I agree, if you were to use the scoop with the method Bill was using it probably would not be any faster and maybe slower.  Bill was just trying to demonstrate the ability of the scoop to isolate heavy material.  The technique he used would be good if you did not have a detector and you were sampling cracks in bedrock.  You would want to be slow and methodical because you don't want to lose any gold, because you have no way of finding it without a metal detector.

That is not the way you use the Gold Spot scoop while metal detecting.  You use it very much the same way you would with your standard scoop with a couple of exceptions.  First. you agitate the scoop, Second remove excess material above the trough with your hand. just pulling it off the front of the scoop.  Now just do your recovery splitting the dirt between scoop and hand as you normally would.  I would only suggest that you keep agitating the scoop to resettle the nugget into the trough.  You don't shake the scoop and let the material spill off the front of the scoop, you are right that would be very slow.

The key to the Gold Spot is agitating it before you dump dirt into your hand, this keeps the nugget in the trough and the riffles keep it in the scoop.  But other than that you use it like a normal scoop.  Even with a normal scoop I like to agitate the scoop to try to get the gold to the bottom, but with the Gold Spot the trough more efficiently isolates the nugget in the trough.  When you dump the dirt into your hand the nugget travels up that trough but gets retained by the riffles.

So blame it on Bill.  :ROFL:


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On 6/23/2020 at 5:17 AM, Terry Soloman said:

Watched the video and honestly see no advantage in the scoop. If anything it seems slower than just separating the dirt with your hand. Tell me why I'm wrong. - T



Hey Terry your url terrysknifestore does not work.

I wanted to see what you had.


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2 hours ago, DOC said:

If anything it seems slower than just separating the dirt with your hand. Tell me why I'm wrong

One thing that might come into it Terry is that much of the soil out here, as you know, has lots of silicates in it
and they tear the crap out of your hands. A scoop is really nice then.

Also if you are like me and happen to mainly find stupidly small gold,
that is another reason to have one. 

The dropped part will catch those flakes and make getting the soil off quicker.

Just thoughts...

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