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ID HELP- What is this Rock?

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It could be but It also looks a lot like the mushroom rhyolite that I have dug. I searched online but could not find a good picture of the unbroken outside. If you can cut it open you will be better able to identify it. 

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The layering seen here would rule out coprolite. I’d guess you’ve got some calcite there. It’s very difficult to ID minerals from photos alone, so I can’t be certain.


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On 6/20/2020 at 12:54 AM, TheRealOutis said:

What is this rock? Fossil? Coprolite?

Found in SW utah.

any info is appreciated!



My very first impression was a stromatolite. Just not sure though.

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I'm with Haderly on this one.  It's a Lapillistone, a volcanic rock made up of rounded,  pebble sized, lava blobs called lapilli.  It does look like any Stromatolites I have observed.  Lapillistones can be very pretty once cut and polished.  Nice find!

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