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Places to metal detect for relics,coins,? + the story


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This is a free tip especially for Nevada  members with drones. The story: Heading north on one of my trips I entered Nevada on HWY 6 thence to Ely and continuing  to Coaldale checking spots as I went in no hurry. Near Currant checking some back roads  found an old abandoned RR right of way. The area to the West is Railroad Valley , aptly named I found out it was used  to miss some of the higher ground to the west enroute to California. Finding an access and a little searching turned up the remains of an old section house that was used in the old days for maintenance people who lived their the year around to maintain a section of track . I knew immediately I was on the right "track" because the first thing I found was an old RR date nail , I had some knowledge of them and had been collecting them for some time. Then finding telegraph line insulators I set out to find more sites on my trip across Nevada. This was before Google and cellphone days so I had to guess at locations , # of miles or terrain or ? I found another before  Warm Springs that was better. Spent some time in Tonopah and headed on for Coaldale Junction , There's always been a nice free campground there and in those days it had a truckstop, motel, and the other businesses  associated  with NV. Checking out the western route of HWY 6 I found unlimited access to the old RR bed that went west. About 12 miles west of there I followed a 2 track to the old RR  bed . Finding a place to park the Motorhome and explore with my Samuru , less than 1/4 mile to the east I found the bonanza at the site of a long gone large section house  it looked as if it had never been touched in years. No MD was needed , coins sat up on little piles of dirt were the soil had eroded from rain and there was old costume jewelry , spoon , forks and household stuff everywhere. It had a siding track bed , the first I had found and rotten ties with the date nails still in them , the newest coin was a Mercury dime and the oldest nail was 01  and there was "X" s too, ( nail collectors know what that means). Looking at the Mts due S with binocs I could see an old trail leading up into the hills. After a few days I followed the trail up to the first ridge where a big wash came out  , on one side of the wash was a very small dugout in the side of the hill, it was about 5'x6'X8' and buried all the way at the back wall and about 2' at the front , It had a small bunk on each 6' wall and some sort of cupboard dug into the back wall, a tin roof, chicken wire windows with tin shutters above them. Digging around there was no coins or anything  except a broken carbide cap lamp. Never found a can dump or any thing close by. So I went up in the the nearby big wash and just around a bend found the mine. It was dug in to the side of the wash and had a large flat area excavated and the shaft was completely under the overhang and totally  protected from the weather, the excavated material was used to make a loading dock and a diversion from the main wash. The shaft itself was in  excellent condition with notes written on a bulletin board and the ladders were in good condition. the only thing that was missing was the hoisting winch and apparently an ore chute leading out to the loading dock. Still sitting next to the wall was a dozer with a front bucket. It looked ready to start but the radiator was drained.  It was not a Caterpillar but a HOLT , looked just like a Cat. Thought about it for years but when I had a chance to go back trail was all washed out and  I didn't have my trail bike with me. With all the mining development in that area I am sure its gone! I did find a brass Tonopah RR boxcar lock with chain and key at a derailment site further  N on the old RR bed . You guys with drones could easily locate the old sites of derailments. If you just had a grabber !!

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