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Need helping setting metal detector

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I lost my wedding ring and I don't know much about metal detectors. I have an idea where it may be, there's alot  of nails and fence wire. Can someone tell me if there's a way to set the metal detector to not pick up iron and just " look" for gold on top of the ground or close to the top. I'm including a pic of the detector I planning on using.

Thanks in advance




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If you look here: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1169285/White-S-5900-Di-Pro-Sl.html?page=11#manual

and go to page 10 and 11, it talks about different metals.  Good luck.

I’ve found the discrimination on my metal detector to be not as good as I thought when I started metal detecting.  Mine does give a different sound, like a low tone raspberry type noise when its a ferrous metal, and a higher pitch tone when its a better metal.  Unfortunately, Lead and GOld look the same to it, so at least with mine I get my hopes up when I’m using this discrimination and I dig a target to find its abullet.

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The first thing that I would do is to employ some kind of magnet to the area that you intend to search.  If you could borrow a shop sweeper magnet on wheels that would be good.  Rake the area with a firm garden rake to loosen the metal that is just below the surface.   If you lost the ring recently then it shouldn't be covered with dirt so turn your gain way down an go so very slow on the first try.  The ring should really jump out being so close to the detector and ignore the faint signals.  If you think that it is covered with dirt then dig everything.  :black_knight_standing:

   Old Tom

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