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Bill's Video Made Me Do It!

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After watching Bill with the Vanquish, I decided to get the 540. I went to an area that I have hit many times trying to find and pinpoint a homestead built in the early 1700's near Sleepy Hollow, NY. Yes, "that" Sleepy Hollow. I LOVE this machine! it compacts enough to backpack it, and telescopes out far enough for a man or woman 6'2" tall. Five tone breaks, Readout -9 to 40, Four modes - coin, jewelry, relic, custom. Auto noise cancel and ground balancing, waterproof 12" DD coil and included rain/salt-spray cover. The pole locks are fantastic, and adjusting the length of the upper arm and lower rod is a breeze. Controls are intuitive and easy to access in gloves. Very light, 2.8-lbs.  So I'm swinging along in an area that I have taken other artifacts out of and I got a faint , soft, warble in my Bluetooth earplugs, with a 28-32, showing deeper than 10-inches on the meter. Got busy with my Grave Digger shovel, and found this piece of bronze cooking pot (3" x 1"), in the hole at 15"+ with my pinpointer! Man am I excited! I know I'm getting close!





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Yeah Terry, good to hear you got the Vanquish 540. Nice find sounds like you are in a good zone. I love my 540 with the V-8 coil, just pulled a beat up 1930 wheat penny from my neighbors  front yard, and she bagged me a 1911 barber dime from my front yard. She handles EMI well and is very using friendly basically just turn her on and swing! happy hunting Terry.:brows: ht




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Super report and find Terry! It sure makes me wish I could take one back to some of the places I detected  20 years ago! Man, have to put a ball and chain on you .

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Beach Day with the Minelab Vanquish 540.

It was a beautiful morning for the 70-minute ride to Jones Beach, with only two traffic jams on the Whitestone Bridge, and them merging onto the Long Island Expressway. We decided on Beach #4, and I hooked up with two other experienced beach detectorists, Joe and Anthony.  I started off in “Coin Mode” with my sensitivity at about ¾ strength, detecting the dry sand as I walked out toward the water. 

I notched out the Corona and Heineken bottle caps, and managed to find three-quarters, two-dimes, two-nickels, and three-pennies on the way out to the water. All were six-inches in depth or less. I hunted the wet sand for about 15-minutes with no signals, and switched to “Jewelry Mode,” kicking the sensitivity up to max.

My first Saltwater hit was faint but repeatable and coming up as an “8” on the readout. It was a nickel, about 10” deep. My next target screamed, coming up at “24” and was a #4 lead sinker, about a foot in the wet sand, resting on the hardpack. You can see from the coins I recovered -- none shallower than 8” in depth, that they have been lost for some time.

With the sensitivity maxed out, I experienced almost no false signals and no EMI at all. To say I was surprised would be an understatement. I thought I would have to adjust it in the black sand depressions and bowls, but not even the salt water washing over the coil caused it to false.

Unfortunately, my video glasses failed so my brilliant commentary and terrific recovery shots have been lost to history. Next week I’ll borrow a Go-Pro and get some shots of the machine working. I have to say, the Vanquish 540 is a very capable metal detector in the dirt and in saltwater! Affordable, light, easy to use, and built on a collapsible frame that is easy to pack and go. So far, Two Thumbs Way Up!!









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Good for you Terri. At least you are able to get out and stay safe.

Tom H.


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