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Can someone explain this?

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I’m not convinced it is a fossil. While it does look strikingly similar to abalone, it also looks like it might be a fragment of an ironstone concretion.

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Oooo, a sample from my neck of the woods.  d-day has it right.  It's a conglomerate with an iron cementing material.  The sample was, very likely, in the bottom a pot hole of a cascade or fall and was hollowed out by the action of water.  It's most likely Pennsylvanian in age.

In the good old days, kids of the region would collect agates, break them into rough squares, and place these into pot holes of the areas streams, during the late spring & summer.  The action of the water during these low flow periods, would round the agate pieces, and the kids would collect their newly made marbles at the end of Summer. Most were plain but a few tumbled into spectacular marbles.

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