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Just discovered 400 foot asteroid came between Earth & Moon 3 days ago

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Asteroid 2020 LD 400 foot in diameter just missed Earth on June 5th coming about 190,000 miles away well within the Moon's orbit. Asteroid 2020 LD was only discovered two days after it had passed us. It has a highly elliptical orbit swinging well within the orbit of Mercury to well beyond Mars out into the main asteroid belt. Had it hit it would have made a crater almost two miles in diameter and temporarily wiped out a small US state or have created a significant tsunami. About one in 2300 objects within that distance on average would hit. If it had been noticed earlier it would have been visible in moderate telescopes at 11+ magnitude late Thursday night.


Don't sweat the small stuff,


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2 hours ago, Morlock said:


I had found this listing independently at spaceweather.com yesterday and computed it chance of hitting Earth at 2.1 to 1. So, about one out of two this close would have hit. The mass of NEO Asteroid 2020 QG is 185 tons or 170,000 lbs at 13 feet in diameter.  The article says that it is the size of a pickup truck, but what it really means is the length. The average pick up truck weighs 5000 lbs, which would take 34 pick up trucks to equal the mass of NEO Asteroid 2020 QG. It is about twice the weight of the Washington Monument or half the weight of the Statue of Liberty. That would be a lot of meteorites. 

Maybe next time,


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