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Need help identifing my raw gemstones and rocks

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3 hours ago, Rockon said:

But what the frick are they lol I have an idea but not quite sure 


This looks like a green malachite coating on some type of matrix.

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3 hours ago, Rockon said:

So I pulled these little guys out of a kemberlite pretty sure they are awesome Herkimer diamonds just a few of the stock pile lol 


Herkimer diamonds are named for the location at which they are found, Herkimer, New York.

 Real diamonds are found in kimberlite, not Herkimer diamonds. Those are found in a dolomite matrix. 

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4 hours ago, Rockon said:

This is just a lil bit of the raw minerals and rocks 


Just not sure exactly what you have since there's a variety. On the whitish looking rocks you can check for calcite. Put some warm vinegar on them and watch for slow fizzing after a few minutes. If it doesn't fizz it's probably a type of quartz.

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