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Heavy Silver Biker Watch Band 3.7 oz

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Last Sunday I was using the 800 I bought from Bill on a Southern California beach.  I was out on one of my spots and was finding trash, coins and normal beach items when I came to another quarter type signal.  It was just below at 28 and I dug up this dull looking 'chain' that didn't remind me of anything that was complete but it had an interesting clasp.  It was not 'locked' but it was intact and it was heavy.  I stuck it in my pouch and thought it might be a broken bracelet or something.

When I got home Lu confirmed that it was .925 silver and I said I'll just keep it like it is because it is incomplete.  As I thought about it more there were holes on both ends for some reason and then it hit me.  These are pin holes for a watch.  Why in the world wound anyone have a heavy watch band???  Biker.

My research took me to the web and then to Chrome Hearts.  Some of you may have their stuff.  Here are the befores and afters.


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