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Yes, I'm for the birds!

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I like to take pictures when I'm out metal detecting or scouting farm fields and new permissions. Here are some bird shots from my back yard to local woods and beaches here in lower New York.


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Lots of good pictures Terry.

I appreciate the 'tempo' of the video.  It let's one see what you're trying to show, and then on to the next.

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Thank you for sharing your bird shots, and as Luke said the tempo is appreciated, not too fast and the pleasant moosic is relaxing.

The shot of the raptor flying with a fish in its talons almost perfectly replicates a photo I got years ago of an Osprey flying over its nest with a fish in hand shot over the Sea of Cortez.  Well, maybe not in it's hands exactly, but you know......

You have a beautiful back yard, I am glad to see you are doing well.  Keep up the good work.


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