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A question to liven it up on here.


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My thought are Yes it could be, since sandstone is a sediment, I don't see why it could not be found in it, its found in river bottoms and lake beds. My thoughts

. Grubstake

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You bet.

There is fossil placer gold in sandstone near Sena New Mexico. Even a couple shafts driven along a rusty streak in the Glorieta formation.

I have panned it myself. The gold is dusty fine and you have to beat the sandstone to dust to free it. But it is there.

There is probably placer in the fields just below the formation. But it is all private farmland along the Pecos River.

There is gold in the sandstone below Caballo Dam near Arrey, New Mexico as well. Derived from the gravels on the west side of the Caballos. There is no visible workings but lots of guys pan the roadside below the exposure and dig along the seams in the sandstone.

It is fossil placer. Just like ancient cemented gravel in a buried channel. Deposited eons ago in sediment and re-solidified in the sandstone.

Uranium placer in sandstone is common here too. 

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Thanks for the info. I was given a hand drawn map showing a location where an individual said he found gold in vertical seam in sandstone. I had heard of silver in sandstone and had even been to location but was unaware of gold in it. BUT I determined from his map that is in a claimed area and is an active mine (now). But its not really sandstone as I would think of it. O'well , if you don't follow up on tips you won't know.

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