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Riots, Looting and Arson

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BMc a deep bow in your direction. That was one of the clearest and most informative posts on the subject I've ever seen.
Thank you.

My nephew is a SWAT officer in Oakland. No explanation needed. I have had many amazing talks with him and
to hear his take on policing is a revelation as well…he loves the people he protects, has great empathy for them even as 
as he has to also face down very dangerous criminality. He has a big heart, talks often of having to deal with various aspects
of burn-out and frustration. His wife is a dispatcher for the same department. Imagine having to vector your husband 
into harms way and hear what he is dealing with in real time.

Policing is difficult and needs very specific and detailed training and uniquely qualified people to carry out the duties.

A fitting post to lock the topic on...

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From my perspective, and the way I was taught in two different police academies and years of police work (under California law), A police officer (or a citizen) may not use deadly force solely in defe

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