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Some of my finds over the years

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Some of you have saw these pictures before. I have just recovered them  from an old windows Picasa CD recovered from my 2013 fire along with 100's of others and got them transfered to my chromebook. TOM H inspired me with his recent post to  repost them and others for the edification of the members who haven't. Most of the items where found with a LOBO ST, some while digging bottle dumps and outhouses and other sources. Enjoy , Max






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I remember those photos from awhile back. You've made some really nice finds through the years. I found a lot of relics as well but never kept any since I gave most of them away.

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Steve, I lost a lot of them  in the fire we had in 2013 and some of the ones we saved are badly smoked up. and some we just never recovered. The lot we owned in Congress  I understand is still a popular Metal detecting spot. We lost about 500 silver 1/2 dollars ,many rolls of silver dimes, Indian Head pennies ,a lot of gold, It was lost mainly form being stored in plastic containers , you would be surprised at how many black lumps of plastic there is is a fire . The stuff stored in glass and metal  survived better, also the midnight " I just wanted to see the fire" people who wanted to pick through it!!  People would just drive up and get out and start looking through the remains, of course all my guns burned  or I would have probably shot some of them , the SO did all they could but the county pressured us to clean it up ASAP. It costs 6 grand too get it hauled to the dump. Te good old FARMERS INSURANCE  would not cover most of the stuff because we did not have receipts, videos etc. My 6 MDs including 2 new  Consecutive serial numbers Mine Labs 1 used ML ,other detectors, 12' rock saw  , 6 " rock saw , 150 + antique candy containers, most with original labels and contents , guns , tools, computers etc . The list without end of what they would not  cover. Worst of all ! All our pictures , our family's WW 2 books,papers , diaries of every place we went who what and where.  we lost our 33 " motor home and contents, Dredge, dry washers  etc, Wife's almost new car, like new Polaris ATV, Wells Cargo trailer , 4 roll around tool boxes, 4x4 Ford PU.  Of course we where in Phoenix when the neighbor called and we we re driving our old beater KIA, that and the clothes we had on our backs was it , we will never recover. We did save some our 30 years collection of rocks and crystals , smoked up bad though but most of them are from long ago closed diggings like Richardson Ranch , Priday Blue beds. Lenard Kopinskys  thunder egg mine in  OR. which we ended up managing for over a year and from all of our own claims and Mexico.

 Well we finally got a lawyer and got the face value  of the policy and the 6 K cleanup fee's but  we have & never will never recover.

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