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I’m wondering if you completed the project?

I was recommended an acid etching spray on the stainless steel or aluminum followed by a 3M adhesives spray on top of the mat.  I Did not try that and honestly have not had good luck on the actual projects I did try in the long run.

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As Desertpilot mentioned Gorilla glue works for him, I have been using Gorilla wood glue on various non wood projects and found it to work well.  If the surface to be bonded is smooth I rough it up with sandpaper and the bond is very strong.  (Probably not the thing for assembling a fuselage tho...)

I have also had good results using the tubes of construction adhesive from the big box stores, several brands available.  Again surface prep. is important, scratch it up, dust off, apply glue and clamp or compress.

Now if I could just get these fingers separated.... Have fun.



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