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Is This An Iron Meteorite?

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I was grinding a stump and hit this thing about 10" underground.


This is where I hit it with the stump grinder.




Is this lechatelierite or a microtektite?


It tested positive for nickel with a jewelry allergy test. Scarlet red Q-tip.

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Given the almost uniform thickness and ~90* angles for the near vertical sides, it may be an old piece of scrap iron.  It is interesting looking, though.  Sand that grind spot smooth and try etching it and see if you get a W. pattern.

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Welcome to the forum Slash,

It is good that you are thinking meteorite, but it is not. It is typical scrap iron or natural slag.  All structural characteristics support that analysis. Incidentally, magnetic rocks or rock-like by products are common throughout every state in the US.

Keep checking and researching what real meteorites are like. With a lot of effort and luck yo could find a real one in the future.



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