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Achondrite meteorite?

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Today i found this small stone.

For sure they have fusion crust and regmaglypts but is not sure if is a meteorite.

It's heavy, no iron and the hardness is somewhere 2-4 but i am not sure.

The streak color is white.

The polished part is completely smooth and flat but does not look like that in the photos.

The photos is macro with good details.

Thank you.





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You can see the sedimentary layering in your polished cut section showing how this terrestrial stone was built up by layers at the bottom of an ocean. The quartz-like crystals visible only occur on Earth. You have no idea what fusion crust and regmaglypts look like and have never posted a rock with either. The standard weathered varnish of all of your rocks are not fusion crust. Nothing you've posted is even close to meteorite regmaglypts.


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On 5/3/2020 at 5:47 AM, ivigo said:

I found something similar but i know they need to make exmination to be sure.



Ivigo, we are still eagerly awaiting a photo of your seeing eye dog that you walk with every morning . . . :)

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And the last info about the rock after more exams in house.

Is not a meteorite for sure. What they looks like fusion crust is an old tar probably and the inside rock i believe is calcite.

So, one very good example for a meteor wrong.


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