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Found a very good candadite by luck today

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kinda funny story..i am a fedex driver and i forgot if an address was north or south main street in follett, tx so I just pulled over on the far south side of main st. I got out and walked around to open the side door and it was just sitting there next to curb next to rear tire...all by itself..was like "What the..." picked it up has very nice weight to it..so took it home. Looked at it for an hour or two because as most of you know every time you think might have found one and try the magnet test.....you get nothing. Finally I got the magnet out and was getting close I was like "figures" when about an inch away it started to pull. lol How funny would that be finding my first meteorite when I wasnt even looking for them. Will get some better pics with my camera soon.



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It does not look like a meteorite to me. If you have a diamond file or a wet stone file a window in the rock then post a picture of the window you made using sunlight. If it is a meteorite you will see metal flecks on the interior. That rock looks to much like the pile of magnetite in my back yard!

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26 minutes ago, Cupalibre said:

streak test was light grey. No red and not dark or black for sure.

It looks like magnetite to me. 

Grind a window in it. If the inside is sub metallic it is magnetite. If has shiny steel just like man made metal it is suspect.

The iron from space is free metallic iron just like a knife blade. Mineral iron is grey, not as shiny and has a porous surface. It almost looks like metal. It turns grey and changes luster soon after a fresh face is exposed. It is mineral and not metal. 


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