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Old mining pick for sale


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I found this small pick in an old shaft in Arizona  in the  Painted Rock area in 1983.  It is  8" long and weights 1 lb 2 oz  the eye of the pick is  1" x 1 1/4 " on the top Wide end and  1" x 1 1/8 on the bottom end. it is not machine made but I can't say it was hand forged , just shows no markings at all. I had no problem making a large hammer head fit it and I have used it for years in my digging. It is not one of the picks they sell now days with a magnet for MDing but a perfect miniature pick , I have never saw another.  No handle included but will include a map of the location I found it in, no guarantee on access these days . In those time s many people Boone docked out there and we even had a mailbox set by the road in an old tire and if you had your mail sent to Gila Bend and let the post office know they would  deliver it  to  "mailbox at Painted rocks" there was no state park,  no limit on camping, water free at Painted Rock Dam and if you were retired military there was Gila Bend AFB with all  the amenities, those were the days!

Anyway it needs a new home , $50.00 shipped Priority Mail to any where in the USA.



EPSON005 (1).jpg


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