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New units from dealers are supposed to come with both. You can download the manual online.

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25 minutes ago, off camber said:

No user manual or recharger $900 doesn't buy much.  Good thing I bought the Andy Sabisch Nox book.

Did you not receive the USB charging cable?

If so you can use any cell phone charger, even your computer to charge the built in battery.

Here's a link to the owner/user's manual.

https://www.minelab.com/__files/f/414877/4901-0249-6 Inst. Manual, EQUINOX 600 800 EN WEB.pdf

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I got the cables but I don't have a smart phone.  And with this covid crap you can't buy locally with everything closed.  I was concerned using a non approved USB charger might mess up my new expensive hi tech tool.  I ordered the Minelab adapters.  Just pisses me off it's not included.  Good thing it snowed.

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I have numerous USB outlets in my truck as original equipment from the manufacturer. Any of them will charge that battery with the supplied(from Minelab) cable.

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