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Is this shock melt? need help id

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On 4/9/2020 at 4:59 PM, Mondo said:

Can anyone tell me if this is shock melt inside this rock. From looking at countless examples on line, it appears to be. I would appriate if someone could give me their professional opinion. Thank you.




If you're trying to imply this is a meteorite, it's not. I see copper mineralization in one photo.. something meteorites don't have.

Also see vesicles which the vast majority of meteorites don't have either.

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I took two samples from this rock, a rice sized bit from the outer glassy skin and from the interior and sent them to a lab and the results from the xrd are as follows: from the surface...

Augite alluminium



Inner portion:

Mostly ferroan anorthosite 


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If hes trying to find out more about Meteorites, and wondered "if" this piece's interior represented that, where else should he have posted ?
Sometimes the replies on this "Meteorite Forum" are too quick to snap an "opinion" of a "newbies" intentions , instead of hitting the question with an intelligent reply.
Hapy Huntn,  
Frank C.
AKA Dirtman , Ol Yeller and sometimes a CANTANKEROUS OL FART standing in the background "reading".

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10 hours ago, Mondo said:

I havent implied anything, I asked a valid question.

Actually you did or wouldn't have posted it here in the meteorite section.

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If you were my uncle and I was 9 years old, I would except an answer without an explaination. But since neither of these is true I'm going to ignore your answer. It's obvious that I'm not "allowed" to ask a question like this without somekind of agressive reaction. 

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