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Well today I decided to prospect a bit differently, as opposed-to toting and swinging one of my metal detectors.  The only tools that I brought and used was a pair of tweezers, a blow tube, my camera, and my "Eagle-eyes".  I wanted to spot them with my naked-eyes (this maybe?? challenging for some).  I hadn't been to this wash for months, since way before this winter came into the Prescott / lynx Creek area.  Due to all the snow/rain storms over this winter all of the dirt roads have been too muddy-gumbo to travel on.  I soon discovered that much of the (previous) exposed bedrock sections had been covered over with lite-weight sand and gravel; but there where still a few stretches still exposed.  So, ....getting down on my hands and knees (with knee pads I might add), and slowly crawling along, I commenced to "Eye-Ball-Prospect" the remaining exposed bedrock for those elusive nuggets, and /or flakes.  Well, as my photo's show I ended up with nine, the biggest being a little picker that I am sure my detector would have sounded off on had I swung the coil over it.  One photo shows both tweezer ends pointing to two (very small) nuggets at one time.  This little venture also assured me that there most likely are larger nuggets in the area to be detected.  ...........On a side-note:  Check out my YouTube Channel at:  ARIZONA GOLD NUGGET VENTURES;  click on the SUBSCRIBE button, and ring the bell to view some of my video's where I video and explain "Where" the most-likely places for gold nuggets would be out in the gold fields.    

Gary :200:       








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On my claim in 1976 out by Last Chance Canyon when the wind blew my partner Bruce and I would hike up the sandy canyon. When the sun was right you could see flakes and small pieces shinning in the sun we would pick them up with tweezers and put them in the bottle. When they expanded Redrock Canyon State park  They took most of the claim  and put boulders across the bottom of the canyon so we could not drive to our camping spot and dry wash.

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