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some possible space rocks (chondrites) close up pics

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here are some rocks I have collected the last couple of years. These are not iron and are not magnetic. I tried to get best pics possible. None of the rocks have been polished or cut and are as they were when I found them. Total of 4 rocks below pics 1-3 1st rock, 4 & 5 2nd rock, 6 & 7 3rd rock, 8 4th rock. The first 3 mainly. The fourth I just found the other day as it was out of place with the rest of the terrain. Let me know if you have any questions.









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The meteorites in the photos are the kind that are nearly impossible to distinguish from earth rocks. That is because they came from planets. Even experts argue for years over them.

Sure, they look very similar. But there are differences that none if us can see from a photo. 

You may have a meteorite. But you are going to have to show that it has meteoritic characteristics. That is going to require testing and expert opinion.

#1 has a conchoidal fracture and is a microcrystalline silica. It is very obviously not meteoritic.

The breccia is very common stuff. I don't see fusion crust and that is all you could look at from a photo. The odds that it is a meteorite is so small that you can be confident that it is not. 

Sorry. Hope that helps explain.


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