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Hello everyone!

I am really excited to find the forum, now that we have plenty of time researching things! )

The other day I visited someone who owns 1000 acres in NorCal, and upon my arrival, I was stunned to see a few large rocks that clearly were not belong to the environment around it.  Given their size and location, it is definitely not something that was brought in there by humans, so then the question is where did it come from. A couple of our friends that went on a hike near by, said that they saw a few more of the same rocks up the hill. 

When I saw it, my first reaction was that those were large peices of a rocky meteorite, but then I am not a specialist. 

Can someone weigh in an opinion on what they think these rocks are? Obsidian? Or?

2 bkack ones are of the same material and oddly shaped, very cold in thick parts, and was making kind if hollow sound when I knocked on a surface that was about 4" thick. 

The last picture of a rock looked may be like a granite, until I saw online somewhat similarly looking what was said was meteorite. 

Thanks in advance! Either way super cool and exciting!







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