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Is This For Real?


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I just saw this video on the local news and thought it was pretty funny. But was it set up? Why would anyone videotape someone starting a lawn mower to cut grass?


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Funny no doubt....BUT totally fake, several things....there's no way an electric motor would make that kind of sound even if somehow getting 220 volts from a 110 outlet and I know from seeing someone else connecting a 110 volt saw to 220 volts by accident the motor would only run for a second or 2 before emitting LOTS of smoke and quit running, that sound is a small gas motor running sounds just like a dirt bike , also there's no way those small plastic wheels could ever have enough traction to drag a full grown man that fast over the lawn and out into the street, the law of physics comes into play, also why would someone just happen to be filming a guy getting ready to mow a lawn that clearly doesn't need to be mowed. 

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