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I’ve seen several different picks on YouTube being used which is preferred and why? Also I have a question about super magnets. How big are their dimensions and lift strength. 

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Fred hit the nail on the head, opinions regarding the choice of picks are kind of like ears most people have at least two.  Or something like that..

I too like the Hermit Pick, it has been my to tool of choice for digging up at least a million bullets.  Great tool.

Regarding super magnets, there are many online retailers who sell them, (Google super magnet), they come in many different shapes, sizes, and strengths.  I found an old hard drive magnet and the kids used it for magnet fishing, I think it would easily lift twenty five pounds.  I know it took a lot to remove it from my truck tool box, easiest way was to slide it to the side and reduce the area of attraction.  At some point I dropped it and it broke into two pieces, now one lives on my pick.

Good Hunting!

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Thanks, I couldn't put a name to the Hermit.  When I googled the name it came right up but when I tried " prospector picks " the Hermit didn't show up. Apparently I just needed the name.  So thanks again .

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