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1830 Naval Officers waist belt buckle FOUND !

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Wanted to get off the Coronavirus/TP  train and post a find..after all we are a metal detecting /prospecting forum. After many years of nuggethunting...I thought I would revisit relic hunting with a vlf. I took out my Whites MXT and headed to some grounds I spotted  ground that appeared to be used as temporary camps form the Gold Rush. At first I was diggin everything until I decided to switch to the relic mode two tone setting so I can minimize my iron trash count and increase my non-ferrous.  After about  2 hours I got a nice solid high tone ( non-ferrous target ) and dug this beauty ...one part of a 2 piece belt buckle cir. 1830 Pattern  Naval Officer waist belt  , As of yet I have not located the buckle tongue which features an eagle with its talons holding an anchor..perhaps in time i will find it. Regardless its a great find on its own as there are not many of these know to exist., after much research I still have not found any online other than what a friend sent me identifying and confirming its  an 1830 Naval Officers waist belt buckle. Lets start posting.....who is next?

Wreath belt buckle Jan 24 2020.jpg

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Awesome tongue buckle!! That is on mine and my sons bucket list for sure. Great find.

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