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So i have been having a hoot, pulling all sorts of tokens, jewelry, clad and buttons from Reno parks. I have been swinging the Nox 800 for almost 2 months and i have taken it to the beach, and park had good success at both, so now i decided to hit the hills for some relic hunt. My first find is in the forest lots of pine needles, and about 6 inches down pops out St. Christopher. This is a 60's design made with silver. I continue up the trail on my way to a meadow where i had seen lots of old trash from emigrants. When i got there my first target turns out to be an old Razor from Gillette. I had no idea when i found it, but when i cleaned it up there was the writing on the inside. Not much else good in the field so i start back down the trail swinging, when i get a nice high tone, coming in the high 20's on TID. Only a couple inches down comes 1906 Barber dime! I was so happy this is my oldest dime now i must have more! :brows:








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16 hours ago, Gilaoro said:

Great finds! I like old dimes and  1906 must have been lost when it was fairly New.

Thanks Gilaoro, and yes the dime is in good shape for making it out here from Philadelphia not much wear at all. :thumbsupanim 


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It has always made me wonder the story of  how a coin got to where it was found ! It,s easy to say a old beach coin may have came from a nearby shipwreck . For instance I have an 1892 Indian Head penny  in fair condition that I found in at the site of a old gold mining site in Baja near by I found an ancient  roman coin that can be identified if  it was cleaned up which I don't know how to do.  But since the site was in a flood plain in the bend of a river and we found many other coins both US and Mexican and artifacts that were in the top 6 inches of soil over a hard pack clay that was barren of gold or coins and artifacts to bedrock so  where did the roman coin come from ?

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Thanks Jeff, I guess I Didn't give you the book for the GPS Eh?  I will get back to the stories soon I hope , just been a bit depressed the last couple of days and looking over the forum and seeing so many members missing from the rolls and now Fred Mason passing !  I also notice that most of the new members that sign up don't stay long anymore and there seems to be a large number of guests that don't bother to join.. I personally am going to make more of an effort to reply to the new members page. I full time RVed for over 15 years  and hunted gold, rock s  , fossils from Alaska to Mexico. Some of my knowledge is dated but I have been there-done that and started metal detecting in 1967 with a homemade rig I made from Popular Mechanics  magazine and soon switched to WW2 mine detector , made by Bulova Watch company . It weighed  45 Lbs and took a footlocker to store it in, used 45 volt batteries that were hard to find and would find a penny at 2 inches if you went real slow. I was cleaning up Mobile Alabama's  parks and playgrounds till one day I met a guy that had a White's 66T ?  that was transistorized and light weight. He showed me gallon pickle jars full of silver coins , rings ,  and good stuff! The only dealer Whites had in the east was Jim Alexander in Houston , Texas. I immediately called him and he had one in stock. I borrowed the money from Household Finance Co. Drove to Houston and picked it up. Paid for it on the way back hitting parks on the way back to Mobile. There was no freeway in those days and  the highway through the  towns in Louisiana and usually had a city park. They had never saw a metal detector It was all virgin ground. I have always had from 1 to 6 Metal detectors since then , both land and water. Own not a one now , trailer burned and took 8 detectors. and I have to use a walker and it's hard to walk and BEEP at the same time.

Max B.


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