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Working a new section on GE to locate as many target areas I want to search when I came across this scene. Good or bad news? lol

Some distance in and looks like a great area to hit. Hope that person made out well. I would assume by parking up the slope they were metal detecting.

Sec 34 prospector.jpg

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I like the topography but you need to make sure the geology is conducive to placer gold.  Soil looks to light to me but that may just be this picture.  Are there placer claims in the area?  Do you see any test pushes from dozers?  How far is the nearest lode mine?  There are so many signs that might make you a little more confident before you ever set boots on the ground.  As for someone being there, they could be animal hunting or something else.  You just never know.  It seems like we all have to assume at least 50 prospectors have been through the gullies before us.  So I don't let it bother me if I know people have been there recently.  It all depends on what you know and what they don't.

And... always have a backup plan (another place to check out) in case this area just doesn't look right when you get there.

Good luck to you!!

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Well, I do see an area in mid-pic I certainly would check out with detector...One of my best patches looked just like that...contact between red and grey dirt...Cheers, Unc


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