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Best corona info I've seen. Bill take it down if it doesn't fit.


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1 hour ago, matt said:

Too bad El Dorado doesn't visit the site anymore. I'm sure he would liven things up a bit!

Someone should call him.  :)

He's probably doing nothing like the rest of us.

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Apparently this topic has run it's course and is now locked, no one is really posting any more "Corona Virus Info", most are more concerned in ego conflicts, bashing each other over their political beliefs, name calling or simply crying over what someone else posted, or he mentioned my name so I need to respond and mention his name, etc., it seems most can't act like adults in topics such as this. 

So now everybody can get their info fix elsewhere on the internet or TV, etc. and they can post their concerns and opinions on Facebook, YouTube, or wherever.

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