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Minelab SDC-2300 Detector For Sale


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I have a very lightly used Minelab SDC-2300 metal detector for sale!

This unit was purchased in August 2019 so it has much of the 3 year warranty left.
As shown in the pictures, the unit is in Excellent condition and includes the original Minelab cardboard box, headphones, and manual.

I have owned 2 other SDC-2300 units in the past and this one is a hot performer and runs very smooth! I usually run it at a maximum setting of 5 for the best depth here in Arizona. (I also have Doc's protective cover as shown.  I added an end cap to Doc's cover to direct the sound upward to my ear. This helps to hear very faint target signals if not using headphones)

Please Note: I do not have rechargeable batteries for the unit but I do have a charger if you get rechargeable batteries - shown in the picture.  I normally just use standard C cell batteries purchased from Home Depot in large packs. The Minelab rechargeable batteries that came with the unit didn't last long enough.

Price: $2,300 including FREE UPS Ground Shipping in the USA.

I am selling because I need the extra cash right now.
(In between jobs at the moment.)

If interested, please contact:
Don Newell
Phone: 206-755-8927
Email: minersgear@gmail.com
(Located in Goodyear, Arizona if picking up.)







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