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To all my nuggetshooter friends , I want to thank every for putting up with me. Mydr told me that I have cancer , they give me about 6 months. 

I still. Got the equinox 800 plus the other coils,it is in golden valley.




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darn ,tough break. No attempt,chance for any treatment, other than pain meds?

Any thoughts on alternative treatments such as baking soda or other alkalizing materials? Cancer,supposedly loves sugar and acid conditions...

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4 hours ago, Uncle Ron said:

Bing is bad search engine...Try Googling "CBD Full Spectrum 2500 mg"  ... Stuff works...Cheers, Unc


I agree 100%. CBD can be a miracle for some people. And good old fashioned ganja will make you feel like a million bucks. It will stimulate your appetite and make you sleep like a baby. Even if it does not affect the cancer it can ease discomfort and improve attitude.

So can a theraputic massage. A good massage therapist can really improve the quality of life for anyone. It is especially true for people with health problems and a lot on their mind.

Peace and relaxation are the best medicine for anyone.


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RICK ... as a good fellow angler friend of mine says all the time ... NEVER GIVE UP!!!! In the meantime sending positive thoughts and prayer your way! And one last thing ... touch base with Uncle Ron about the CBD oil ... last I knew he sells it. Beware of the cheap stuff sometimes found out there. It is not 100% pure grade. The stuff Ron sells or at least sold the last time I was at his house is the good 100% pure stuff. I would PM Ron directly if I were you. 

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Rick go to my website, www.cbdgoldenelixir.com ...  My wife's step mom started taking it about a year ago after she was diagnosed with stage four lung and brain cancer... After six weeks she was doing much better, but didn't believe that the CBD oil had anything to do with the improvement so she quit taking it...She died yesterday...I'm so frustrated she wouldn't listen ... Good luck to you and take care of yourself...Cheers, Unc



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