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is this a Meteorite?

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Assuming Pic 1 and 2 show where the piece was cracked off, I think it just looks like reflections and not metal.  When I zoom in, I see what looks like quartz.  In the center of Arizona, a lot of the red rocks contain an iron ore and will stick to magnets.  I also wonder if the black mineral in the rock is hematite and magnetite.  When I crush red rocks with black minerals around here, I end up with a bunch of red sands and a little bit of magnetic black sands when I'm done.

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I am sure it's metal and honestly i don't think this is a meteorite assuming i don't have experience with mineral rocks... but this is one of the few rocks which attack magnets. i have two black stones stick to magnets and their inner color is red but they are really small the size of a quarter.

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