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Is the supply of NWA meteorites drying up now?

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I was interested to hear the views of members that have been collecting for a while. I was reading about NWA meteorites on a dealer's website ("Galactic Stone and Ironworks" - undated) that gave the impression that the so-called "Saharan gold rush" of meteorites coming out of the NW African desert was "from the mid 1990's to the first few years of the 21st century. It was a period that spanned about 10 years and is now widely considered to be concluded". Yet following some of the stories on the web about ever-more NWA meteorite finds turning up and higher and higher numbers, I wondered what the situation really is. Was this alarmist comment made just to make clients "buy while you still can" or has there been a drop in amounts of material coming out of the region? Is time running out for getting good NWAs? What do members think? Thanks.


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