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Nugget Shooter's Field Guide arrival February 26-27.

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I got my book today and leaving Georgia for Arizona 4am tomorrow morning. I'm so glad it got to me before I left. 

I was only able to flip through some of the pages while packing up and really like what I saw..... 

Nice smooth cover and pages with some excellent photos along with detailed explanations of the pictures. 

Autographed too 👍

I can't wait to start getting some reading done. 

Thank you! 

Aaron Bazor 


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58 minutes ago, DavidB said:

Where can you buy the book? How much?

Hi David, it’s $24.95

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I just wanted to see how everyone who bought my book, likes it?  If you haven't left a review on here, can you please post one, so I can get them up on my website. I would really appreciate it. I have a variety of shipping options on the website now. If anyone hasn't gotten a copy yet, please go to my website, check it out and consider getting a copy.


Also I would like to know if any of my info from my book has lead anyone to new nuggets. If so, tell us all your story. Since I am Sidelined with a torn Achilles Tendon, I can't get out to detect, or work, so I have to live vicariously through all you fine fellows.  - Reese

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