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A Walk With the Midget Coil


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Well, I tried a new way to get out to this new gold area I found.  The gold seemed fairly small, but I had to hike in at least 3 miles to get there.  So I tried to drive in another way in hopes of only having to hike in a mile.  Of course Google Earth made things seem better than they were (almost like I could drive right there), but in the end I only cut about a mile off the hike (one way).  So now I had a decision to make … take my GPZ 14" coil, the GM1000, or what I call my Midget Coil (10" Xcoil).  GPZ 14" about killed me getting out there last time so that was out.  I love the GM1000 on bedrock, but some of the bedrock here was very hot.  Usually in those cases, I will go to my GPZ 10" Xcoil, which I venture to say is at least on par with the SDC 2300 (with the exception of being a little bigger).  And the Xcoil is still a pleasure to hike with.  So off I went.  

I started out hitting the areas I had been to before and got some good signals.  First piece was only about .1g.  Then I started finding slightly bigger .2g pieces.  Most of these seemed to be what I call runners.  Those are the ones in washes that I find on the sides of the wash, trying to run away when they see me coming.  The larger coils tend to lose a bit of depth when checking the sides and depressions.  The 10" Xcoil, however, does very well getting in there.  

Overall, 5 pieces were found (total .75g).  Not a lot, but at least half of these finds were detected very carefully with the 14" coil and were missed.  The Xcoil was very clear on all but a 1 grainer piece that was about 2" deep on it's side.   All in all, it was just a fun day crumb chasing.




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3 hours ago, Cowkiller said:

Nice! That baby coil is on fire!

Yeah, I love the little Midget Coil.  But it is going to take a looooot of these kind of trips to pay it off.  :grr01:

1 hour ago, LowPoint said:

Hey, nice looking nuggets Andy,....Three miles to get to these???? "WOW"  Sounds like the day I had today, but I didn't find anything;...You may have to get you a "Burroooooo" :knight-horse:  ..........Gary  :200:

Gary, you aren't kidding about the Burros.  I could hear them over the hill laughing at me. (seriously)  They are all over that area.


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Nice nugs Andy.   :thumbsupanim

Now that you've found the smaller ones, there's got to be a bigger one lurking there somewhere.   :head:

Let me know if you need help finding it.  :D

Congrats !!  


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