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DOC'S SD/GP/GPZ Arm Cuff Cover


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Well, I installed Doc's(Doc's Detecting Supply) New Arm Cuff Cover on my detector today and took it out for a spin in one of the gold areas here in Arizona.  
I will say that it fits very snugly, is made of strong-durable material, with an adjustable arm strap, and is an added improvement :4chsmu1:(comfort-wise) to the worn-out 
cover that I was using.  I don't know if any of you out there are like me, but I bought my Minelab GP-3000 new in 2004 and have never replaced the cover(as my photo's reflect).  
I have had to sew it up a couple of times over the years just to keep it from coming off. :inocent: 
So, if the Arm Cuff Cover on your SD/GP/GPX detector is due for replacement due to it having very-little-to-no padding (as mine was) take a look at Doc's latest post entitled:  FRESH OFF THE BOAT! Do you have an SD/GP/GPX? to get more specific details on this great addition :yesss:(his photo's are much better than mine too :89:).  "THANKS" Doc...  Gary 





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Yea Doc,...over the years of being in "search-mode" :Detector: for Arizona nuggets, added accessories like your cuff cover are but a luxury-item :droolin:to me where in the past, comfort and padding has been overlooked in favor of get-tough-and get used-to-it.  But I'm "Styl'n" now!!!!  :4chsmu1: Gary 

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