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I think I have a meteorite

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I found this searching a creek for some flint rock. It stood out from all the other rocks so I picked up and noticed how heavy it felt for its size. I noticed it looked like it had a rusty color to it so I kept it. I then tried to read some about meteorites so I put a magnet to it and it did not stick to it. I then took a file to it and filed it at a small corner it filed down sort of like metal would and left a little shine to it. So after it sitting in front of me for about a year I decided to se if there were any forums for meteorites and found this forum. I just took these pics and was wondering what you all think if it might be a meteorite or not.



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Hematite is usually non magnetic. In the window you made you described it as "sort of metallic". In our world that is called sub-metallic luster. You have identified the terrestrial iron ore hematite.

Hematite streaks in red hues. When you ground the window it made a rusty red mess didn't it? Streak it again and refresh your memory. It will streak hues of red.

Free metallic iron is what you are looking for in a meteorite. Just like knife steel. Sub metallic iron is mineral oxide.

There is no oxygen in space so oxides don't exist. Only unoxidized elements. So with very simple observation we can be certain that this is not meteoritic.

Sorry. Keep looking. 

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