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We are also pulling cash out to do home improvements.

 Get your docs in  a row ,,, 2 yrs tax records, recent bank statements, W2's,, recent paystubs, investments, insurance statements of coverage, etc.,,,,,,,,then line up a couple local providers and a couple more not so local.

Get the ball rolling so they pull credit reports simultaneously and provide you with official loan estimates.

Then play them off one another.  I was able to knock off $5000 in closing costs by making them sweat over more competitive  loan estimates.

Dont allow them to pull credit reports until they talk rates with you.

Same goes for a home appraisal...not until you  decide on a provider should you take that step.

Take note of what they say regarding rates and closing costs vs what loan estimate says in writing.

I  couldn't  get Quicken to talk rates at all without  pulling credit. I hung up.

Loan  "Cheepo" could not match, in writing, what they were telling me over the phone. Not at first... they did wise up, but weren't  competitive  until I twisted their arm with a better offer.

But then I prospected:brows: another company that was just as "hungry" for my business and, being local, eliminated dancing around a fax machine or emailing photos of doc's.

BNC Nat'l Bank was in the running, as was Paramount Mort, but neither is local to us.

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