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Hello from Southern California

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Hello feom Southern California!  I’m a returnee to metal detecting after a 45-year hiatus when I used to play with an old Heathkit MD I bought at a garage sale when I was a kid,. Wow, has the technology changed!  My background has been doing fieldwork for environmental consulting work (construction monitoring), and I have a degree in biology and minor in geology.  My wife and I are rock hounds, so we go camping a lot to collect rocks and minerals for fun on desert BLM lands.  As a biologist, I’ve also worked with bats and have done a lot of mine surveys in the Mojave and Great Basin.  Working underground has been a really interesting part of the job as I am a western US history buff as well.  So it was only natural for me to be into looking for gold too.  Ok, so back to MD’ing.... my interest is in finding pretty minerals that are shiny, as well as meteorites in the Mojave.  I recently bought a detector, and am really enjoying learning to use it.

 I’d really like to thank you guys for helping out with all that as I’ve learned a lot by reading all the materials here including those really interesting archived posts by Jim Straight on this site about it.  I am really sorry I didn’t join earlier, he seemed like he was a really great person and you guys all learned a lot from him. It seems like there’s just a lot of other people like that here as well, so I’m really happy to join.



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4 hours ago, AllenJ said:

Welcome sir.


Thank you! Looking forwards to learning more about it!

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