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Birthday Nugget 2-2-2020

Mike Furness

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I was supposed to go fishing for my birthday over to Lake Roosevelt but my fishin' buddy had to back out. SOOOOO ... I went to plan B ... go find a nugget for my birthday! Headed down to the RRPC Aquarius Claims (my zodiac sign is Aquarius) and began to search in one wash that turned up a lot of hot rocks and trash! Time to move to someplace else. Second spot was much deeper into the claims and a spot I had hunted a couple times before. I knew I hadn't destroyed all the old dry wash piles so began my attack. No luck for the first few ... about 10 of them to be closer to the number. I was just about to give up when I noticed one with a bush growing out of it. Four little pieces of iron trash and screen wire and then an odd little signal from my Gold Monster. Almost didn't dig it but my training was not allowing me to do that! :rolleyes: I must have moved that target around a couple of times before I finally had it in my scoop! Low and behold a nice little chunk appears after a quick rinse to show its true character. So I got my Birthday Nugget ... a 0.544 gram rough little piece that someone at least a few years ago lost off the front of their dry washer!

Birthday Nugget 2-2-2020.jpg

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Hey Hey, nice one Mike.  And a happy birthday to you, too!   Thanks for the story.

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Hey Mike,

Congrads. on your nuggie.

I too have a birthday on Groundhogs Day and I tried like hell for some 6 hours to find my birthday nugget.  All I managed was a birthday skunk:grr01:.  Going to try again tomorrow.  This still is the same week so it should count.  Wish me luck! :rolleyes:


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Congratulations! What a GREAT B-Day Present!


These are Great Lucky DATES! There are lots more of those Lucky Dates coming this year... 02/20/2020, 02/22/2020, 03/02/2020, 03/03/2020, 03/20/2020, 03/23/2020.. Etc.. 

Looking forward to my birthday NOW! :)


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