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Hi everyone,

I found this rock while I was gold prospecting in a river , it’s very heavy and magnets attach to it , there are no furnaces in the area at all so I don’t think is fusion waste ,can it be a meteorite ?11.jpg10.jpg9.jpg7.jpg8.jpg5.jpg4.jpg3.jpg2 (2).jpg2 (1).jpg


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Volcanic man, what makes you think this could be a meteorite besides it likes a magnet? Do a little homework before you post average volcanic rock, Please! :)

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oh ok thank you ,

it strange that is volcanic because there is no volcanoes and no other rocks like that in the area, and normally vulcanic rocks are not that heavy right?

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Some volcanic material like pumice or scoria are very light and can float, but what you have is full of iron ore and that is why your magnet is attracted to it. Because you don't see a volcano does not mean it can't be volcanic rock. Study some geology and you will have more success determining if you have a meteorite suspect. There is some real good info on this forum and then there is not so good, stick with the guys that are veterans here, some of the new people are just crazy! happy hunting fritzotto!

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To me it kind of looks like a rock I occasionally find.  I call it hematite or magnetite.  Those have a density of around 5, so it is a heavier than most rocks.  That also makes up the black sand in the bottom of the pan when I'm panning for gold, with the whiter quarts type sands with a density of about 3 on top.  You have a weight, so if you put it in some sort of measuring cup, divide weight by volume, and come up with a density.  Those bubbles will be inside the rock also, so that will kind of skew the results.

In at least one of your pictures, something has weathered itself into the bubbles.  Geodes are grown that way inside volcanic bubbles, but not sure if you have concretions or just sand.  I've only found one geode, but some of the volcanic rocks I find have a white substance inside the air bubbles from the minerals in the water that go through the rock.

I've also found one like that with some quarts in it metal detecting.  Gave a strong false signal.

No volcanoes in my area, but if you go back millions of years there sure was. That rock is still left over showing some red lava flows.  Most areas are like this.  Glaciers can carry pieces of the rock for thousands of miles.

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